Simultaneous/conference interpreting is provided during conferences, large-scale training in companies, lectures, or live broadcasts. A team of two interpreters works in booths specially installed for the event, and the interpreting is performed in real time.

Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpreting is used during business meetings, official speeches, e.g., during the opening of exhibitions, visits to a production plant, or press conferences. The speaker pauses every few sentences for the interpreter to translate.

You need to remember that this type of interpreting can take almost twice as much time as planned for the event.


During their professional careers, translators choose their areas of expertise. I live by the sea, so my translations often refer to maritime economy, transport and logistics, history related to the sea, and technical and wreck diving. I cooperate with the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, translating materials for temporary exhibitions and other publications.

Certified Translations/Interpreting

Interpreting and translations performed in court, at a police station, at a notary office, at the registry office, and all documents that require certification by sworn translators who put their signature on a document and affix their seal.

More frequently, in the economic sector, I certify translations using an electronic signature, which does not require collecting the translation in person.